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Dominic Kasper Full Nelson submission hold submit lift and carry

Dominic vs Kasper - Battlespace 32

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Kasper (with a K) is the new guy at Thunders Arena, and Dominic (the Dominator) wants first crack at him. You dont even know whats comin, Kasper warns Dominic as well as the fans. The guys agree to arm wrestling, Indian leg wrestling, and line wrestling as initiatory tests of strength. Both men have strong upper bodies, but Dominics iron biceps give him the edge in arm wrestling. In leg wrestling, Kaspers pillar-like thighs make him all but unbeatable. The new guy carries the standing line-wrestling contest

too, which leads him to challenge Dominic to a full-body wrestling bout, in which the two are more evenly matched. Dominics brawny arms make for lethal bearhugs, chokes, full nelsons, gorilla presses, and headlocks. But can Dominic elude Kaspers scissorholds, exerting devastating pressure and pain? Dominic, the more experienced and skilled wrestler, unsurprisingly dominates the newcomer at wrestling. When Kasper gains an advantage, however, he lays claim to the Arena as MY house a house of pain. The braggadocio ticks Dominic off, and he furiously lights into Kasper, with a spine-jangling backbreaker that ultimately forces the newcomer into abject submission. Kasper aint got shit on Dominic, Dominic boasts, clearly on a roll at Thunders Arena these days.