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Impact vs Mogly - Battlespace 34

$ 31.25

Battlespace 34 introduces Mogly, a wannabe jungle boy who comes to Thunders Arena with a pretty big chip on his shoulder. His first opponent is Impact, rising star of the Arena, with about 45 pounds of solid muscle on the newcomer. The Arena appears to be hauling in frat boys by the truckload, itching to get a piece of Impact. In an opening statement, Impact assures the fans that hes ready to take on all comers, with a brawny upper body guaranteed to make a definite impact on the competition. Mogly insists that Impact is jealous of guys like him because Impact didnt have the dues money to join a good fraternity (such as, presumably, his). (Later, Impact relates his own theory of how Mogly got tapped into a top-ranked fraternity, and it wasnt by paying the usual dues, and not by being ranked top either.) Mogly crosses a line when he brags of his sexual and athletic prowess, saying, Im gonna finish him like I finished his girlfriend all day, provoking Impact to swoop in and slam the college boy to the mat.
Impact dominates in what begins (and pretty much remains) a straight wrestling contest, with the wrestlers focusing on real mat-grappling skills, with a few show-off pro moves tossed in now and then just to spice things up. Mogly doesnt roll over and play dead for Impact, making the big man sweat for every submission, but, for all his dark good looks and trim, well-defined muscle, Mogly lacks the body mass and savvy to defend himself against a juggernaut like Impact, who almost effortlessly elevates his opponent into firemans carry holds and devastating chokelifts. Impacts size and know-how lead to some of the more spectacular moments of man-on-man domination, as he scissors, slams, spladles, and strangles a hapless Mogly. Expect some spectacular bearhugs, as Impact crushes his opponents ribcage, weakening and slowly demolishing the man. This is a classic squash job that fans everywhere will enjoy.