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Mario vs Tak - Battlespace 35

$ 34.75

Tak really should know better than to pick on guys bigger than him, but the kid seems to know no fear. Refreshed after fading his tan line beside the pool, he tries to rush Mario out of the mat room. Mario has at least sixty pounds on Tak, all muscle, and something of a reputation as a punisher. After Tak hurls a few smart-aleck insults his way, Mario decides to show the good-looking upstart what a bearhug feels like. Tak tries to punch his way out, which only makes the big guy chuckle. When, through grunts and grimaces, Tak says that his little sister can do better bearhugs, Mario hurls him to the mat just to find out if theres anything else Taks little sister can do. While hes at it, he might as well find out how far Tak will stretch, as well. Pretty damn far, it turns out, and Tak asks, always the smartmouth, You gonna leave me with some arms? Mario likes nothing better than to slap mouthy wrestlers down. It has become something of a specialty of his. Hes got an arsenal of punishing holds he might as well call his how-to book on handling talky jobbers. Besides the bearhug, Mario knows his way around a body slam and an arm bar, and if these dont do the trick, he can also count on nelsons, chicken-wings, crab holds, clutches, chokes, and scissors to do the trick. If all else fails, theres always the rear naked choke and the torture rack for a little noise reduction. So far, though, nobody has been able to shut up Tak for long. The kid has a comeback for every situation, and he also knows that sometimes a dirty trick or a low blow is all thats needed to take down a giant. But when Tak gets a little too full of himself and tries to bearhug Mario, its pretty sad, like watching a toy terrier humping a bulldogs leg. Will the All-American Kid ever learn that opening his yap is what gets him into so much trouble at the Arena? Or, as some fans suspect, is it trouble hes really looking for?