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Dominic vs Angel - Battlespace 37

$ 31.59

Grab you some popcorn, grab yourself a drink, Dominic tells his fans at the preamble to this instant-classic fight, lets get this done. Bigger than ever, Dominic assures the viewers that hes going to make short and easy work of Angel, but anyone who has seen Angel work an opponent on the mat knows that, short he may be, theres no easy way to take Angel down. He has handled himself like a giant against men much bigger than Dominic. Maybe thats where he gets the cockiness to call a powerhouse like his latest opponent fat, even suggesting that Dom pursue a sideline as a shopping-mall Santa. Skeptical, too, about Dominics Dominator tag, Angel dubs the bout a fit versus fat contest. Before the fight even begins, its all too clear that what we have here are two wrestlers seriously underestimating each other.
Angel takes the short mans advantage, attacking Dominic from behind, pulling him down for a quick and ever-so-humiliating schoolboy pin. He puts the wrestlers massive physique through hell, testing his shoulders and back with a surfboard stretch, followed by a Boston crab. Feeling the rush that comes with dominating a bigger dude, especially one who calls himself Dominator, Angel takes a moment to strike some poses for the fans. Big mistake! Dominic scoops him up into a firemans carry and drops him on his knee. Its a good thing Angels in optimum condition or that blow might have snapped him in two. From here on out, its a give-and-take match that turns every fifty seconds or so, full of spectacular maneuvers, like when Angel makes an amazing leap and hooks his whole body onto Dominics beefy arm, dragging him to the mat for more punishment, or when Dominic forces Angel to feel the full merciless effect of being stretched by a man four inches taller with seventy more pounds of packed-on muscle. You haven't seen a big-versus-little match quite like this one. Angel is the embodiment of ferocious energy, and the new and embiggened Dominic, displaying heretofore-unseen fighting spirit, proves himself a master of the spladle, the gorilla press, and all manner of limb abuse.