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Peewee Mogly Choking choke chokehold submission hold submit

PeeWee vs Mogly - Battlespace 38

$ 34.75

His debut match against wrestle-god Impact may have taken some of the wind out of newcomer Moglys sails, but not much. Next he sets his sights on PeeWee, confident that he can take a guy with a zero-win record at Thunders Arena and thus build some clout with fans and his fellow wrestlers. In an opening promo, he taunts his opponent, calling him a PeeWee Herman on steroids. The insult hits deep with PeeWee, typically a good-natured and fun-loving guy, perhaps even a bit too good-natured sometimes to compete against the hard cases coming to the Arena to make names for themselves. Burned by Moglys implication that he did not earn his hard body mass through legitimate means, PeeWee vows to teach the cocky frat boy a lesson in respect and to earn his first win on the Thunders scorecard. Mogly is stronger than he looks, and with his slim body, hes got speed and agility that most bigger wrestlers lack. Hes also tough, able to withstand a lot of punishment and quick to revive after a solid trouncing. And he may have one or two tricks up his sleeve, too. But weight and body mass are definite advantages in mat wrestling, certainly more useful than just looking awesome in tight trunks. And PeeWee lands on him like a boulder. He flattens the wannabe jungle boy to the mat and drops some bear chops to put some blush on the kids abs and pecs. You look like my friend Mario, PeeWee observes at one point, but a baby version of him. Using his weight to thoroughly debilitate the young wrestler before settling in for the kill, PeeWee chokes, scissors, clutches, and whirls the smaller guy in an airplane spin. Sapped of his energy, Mogly is humiliatingly twisted and stretched beyond most ordinary limits of human flexibility. Will his arrogance and prettily cut muscle be enough then to help Mogly turn this match around? Or will PeeWee at last succeed in notching up a victory at the Arena?