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Eric fury atom pin chest pecs abs wrestling

Eric Fury vs Atom - Battlespace 48

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Nationally ranked college wrestler Atom and wrestling Adonis Eric Fury tear into each other over some money Atom owes Eric, but refuses to pay. Atom is relaxing on the couch. When Eric asks for his money, Atom tells Eric hes a joke and says hes thinking about taking a nap. Eric's ego wont let him tolerate Atoms disrespect and he pounces on Atom, squeezing Atoms face into his rock hard chest and then putting him into a school boy pin, asking Who's the joke now? With two Alpha males like this, its not about the money - its about respect. So neither guy holds back. They rip off their shorts and shirts and wrestle in their underwear, which really shows off their amazing physiques. For fans of hot guys in underwear, this match is a must buy. These two grind each other into the mat with lots of body contact, squeezing the life out of each other. Eric is masterful at breaking down an opponent mentally as well as physically and he lays it on thick in this match. He insults Atom with arrogant trash talk almost nonstop, sitting on Atoms head, chest and neck over and over and repeatedly squeezing Atoms face into his chest and biceps, humiliating him verbally and physically. But Atoms got plenty of power and wrestling skills and he dishes out some serious punishment, including an awesome gorilla press, painful Boston crab and even a cheap shot that leaves Eric rolling on the mat in pain. The grunting and trash talk as these guys work each other over is the hottest youll get anywhere. You'll love the ending too, as one of these powerful studs does some very hot victory flexing over his beaten opponent.