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Tak Kid Titan Half Nelson submission hold submit torture abs

TAK vs Kid Titan - Battlespace 49

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Fans of the sexy and handsome Kid Titan are treated to a demonstration of this hunk's power and brutality on the mat as he gives TAK a beating that leaves no doubt Kid Titan's muscles aren't just for show. Kid Titan is minding his own business, doing some curls with his huge guns when TAK shows up. TAK is wearing his usual blue and white tights. Of course, TAK is cocky as always and wastes no time making a few smart remarks, asking about the "sissy weight" that Kid Titan is lifting with his "puny arms." TAK's cocky attitude continues even after he is barely able to lift with two arms the weight Kid Titan was throwing around with one. Showing a new and more aggressive side that fans of Kid Titan haven't seen before but will no doubt love, the gorgeous Kid Titan declares "Enough talk" and puts the smaller TAK into a crushing bear hug. Then he drops the stunned TAK to the mat, flexing his huge guns and telling TAK to "take a second look" at the powerful arms TAK called "puny." But as fans know - and love, TAK is one tough competitor and his lean, hot body has taken a lot of punishment from opponents much bigger than Kid Titan. Defiant TAK immediately fights back and gets in a few solid gut shots to Kid Titan's rock hard mid section. TAK tells Kid Titan he's going to show him "how to really wrestle, sissy." TAK then follows with some painful arm bars on the thicker, more powerful Kid Titan, putting Titan's awesome body on display for the fans in the process. But Kid Titan shows he's not just a pretty boy on the mat, throwing off TAK's hold and then sitting on him. TAK fights back and the trash talk heats up from both of these hot grapplers as TAK declares he's just getting warmed up and challenges Kid Titan to "show what those muscles can do." Kid Titan obliges as he slams TAK into the wall with one hand around TAK's neck and flexes a huge gun with his other arm. Kid Titan then really ups his game with a truly brutal headlock on TAK, which he applies and releases over and over to show the little guy who's boss. Then he throws TAK's hot body to the mat. The beating by Kid Titan continues with some gut shots followed by an over the knee backbreaker, while giving the fans a flex of his own bicep. This is followed by a brutal leg scissors to TAK's mid section and then a truly hot inverted bear hug with TAK upside down. Kid Titan walks around squeezing the life out of TAK with TAK's head just above the mat. After this humiliation of TAK, Kid Titan's arrogance comes through as he declares "There's a new Kid in town." But TAK's not beaten yet and he responds saying "New kid ain't got nothing" as he puts Kid Titan into a full nelson, followed by some flexing of his own. But that only seems to make Kid Titan more determined to break the cocky smaller guy and beat him into submission. Kid Titan picks TAK up and throws him down a few times, then carries him around asking him how it feels. Then he puts his power on display lifting TAK by the neck, taunting the little guy by saying "maybe you should do a little less talk." Then he sits on TAK once again, asking him how it feels and if he's getting tired. This is followed by some body slams, leaving TAK all but broken. Sensing victory close at hand, the now arrogant Kid Titan presses TAK's lean body over his head three or four times, just to show off. Then Kid Titan drops TAK over his shoulder in a painful single shoulder back breaker for the final submission. The cockiness is completely gone from TAK as he screams "I give. Don't break my back!" Kid Titan puts to rest any doubt that there is a brutal fighting beast inside this handsome, sexy, musclehunk, as he keeps TAK over his shoulder even after TAK begs him not to break his back. Titan asks "Do I hear something?" TAK again screams "I give." But the punishment continues. Eventually, Kid Titan drops TAK to the mat, unconscious with pain and completely beaten. The brutal beating finished, the handsome hunk walks off the mat having shown TAK and all Thunder's Arena fans that there really is a new Kid in town - and he knows how to punish cocky challengers on the mat.