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Muscles surf Lift and carry bearhug submission hold submit

Muscles vs Surf - Battlespace 50

$ 23.49
$ 31.25


Tall, powerful, newcomer Surf shows us what those long muscular arms and legs can do against body builder Muscles, giving the fans an awesome show of wrestling moves and a few dirty tricks in this battle between body builder and football player. The match starts with strongman muscles scoffing at the taller Surf, calling him Barbie Girl. Muscles wastes no getting the taller Surf into a headlock, sitting on the big guy and telling him welcome to Muscles Arena. But the domination by big, cocky Muscles doesnt last long, as big Surf turns things around and puts on an impressive display of power and well executed wrestling holds. Surf shows Thunder fans a more aggressive side we didnt see in his first match with Dom the Dominator, as he puts big thick Muscles in some impressive and painful holds, including a whole series of leg scissors, bearhugs and a camel clutch or two. Surf even demonstrates his dominance with a school boy pin where he slaps big bruiser Muscles around. But the power of Muscles is hard to keep down and the body builder dishes out some real punishment to big, tall Surf, followed by some impressive flexing. Surf isnt down long however, showing that hes got real power in that tall, lean, muscular body and some impressive wrestling skill - and Surf shows no hesitation in making Muscles feel some serious pain. These two big powerful guys give us an impressive match as they put each other in some painful holds and exchange some real cheap shots. Bodybuilder against big, lean 6 3 football player. Both doing whatever it takes to dominate. Who will walk off the mat and who will be left on his back? The ending might surprise you.