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Brad Barnes vs TAK - Battlespace 51

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

This is a match between two impressive fan favorites: Handsome, muscular little guy TAK and drop dead gorgeous bodybuilder Brad Barnes. TAK has been spending some serious time in the gym and it shows. Brad Barnes was never small, but this hunk is bigger than ever. If you like seeing a little guy put a big muscle head in his place, or a cocky body builder punishing a pretty muscle boy, youre gonna love this match. It starts with TAK dominating Brad with a wristlock, a bear hug and some TAK trash talk: Come on big guy, is that all youve got? Brad responds quickly using his huge muscles and does some trash talk of his own Hows that power, huh? The match goes back and forth with each guy putting his power, ability and great physique on display. Lots of body slams, full nelsons and other moves, including an over the knee back breaker by Brad that goes on for almost a minute. TAK delivers fifteen gut punches to Brads rock hard abs, asking Hows that feel? Then he gives Brad some more some more gut shots for the fans and asks Brad How many more do you want, huh? Brad does some very seductive flexing late in the match where he comments on his chest, biceps, legs and lats. The end of the match is decisive with one of these hunks telling the other Let me hear you scream and the other saying I give, I give. This is an amazing contest between a handsome, muscular little guy and gorgeous bodybuilder trying to dominate each other. You gotta see this.