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Specimen surfBearhug submission hold submit torture

Specimen vs Surf - Battlespace 53

$ 34.75

Massive muscleman Specimen gets on the mat with big, tough Surf in this match. Surf is plenty tall with lots of power in those long arms and legs, and he knows how to use it. Specimen, looking intimidating in a pair of zebra stripe posers, is unimpressed with his challenger, telling him hes a waste of height. Specimen dominates the early going, putting Surfs big body into a bear hug, throwing him down, sitting on him, putting him in a leg scissors and some back breakers all the first five minutes. But Surf is too tough and too strong to be beaten so easily. He reverses things quickly and gets Specimen into a painful arm hold, then puts huge Specimen on his shoulders showing his power by carrying all that muscle weight before throwing him to the mat. The match goes back and forth with headlocks, more over the shoulder carries, backbreakers and some painful leg holds. At one point, Surf is confident enough of victory that he tells the fans, Now I got my bitch where I like him as he squeezes Specimens head between his powerful legs. But the match continues to go back and forth with full nelsons, legs scissors, forearm smashes and a really creative move by Surf as he bends over backward above the sitting Specimen, stretching Specimens arms with Surfs legs. The two big guys exchange some serious gut punches as the match draws to a conclusion. You wont want to miss the decisive outcome.