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Python vs Red - Battlespace 54

$ 34.75

Impressive newcomer Red takes on thickly muscled Python in a match jam packed with great wrestling moves, demonstrations of power and submission holds. Python is pretty cocky before Red arrives. He tells fans he doesnt even know why he is scheduled to wrestle this newcomer. Red is lean and muscular, with a magnificent physique, and comes with plenty of attitude. He mocks Python by referring to him as some little bitty snake. Red quickly demonstrates that he is no stranger to the wrestling mat, with impressive moves and creative holds which are beautifully executed. Of course, Python is a powerhouse and he dishes out plenty of punishment to the newcomer. These guys exchange lots bear hugs, full nelsons, headlocks and even more leg scissors. There are no less than three submissions. After some competitive early going and getting slammed to the mat, Red tells Python, Now youre mine. Although Python laughs, Red begins what will become an unexpected, but complete, domination of bodybuilder Python. After the first submission, both guys spend a few minutes posing and showing off their incredible physiques. When the action resumes, Python lifts Red over his head in a display of his power. Red eventually gains control after a forearm smash to Python. He follows up with an incredible move where Red applies an arm bar as he rolls across the mat. Python submits, but Red keeps the hold in place until Python can barely breathe. However, Red isnt done showing the muscular Python whos the boss. Its one of the hottest and most dominating finishes ever, with Red flashing a cocky, sadistic grin as he savors his humiliating victory over Python and his huge guns. You will want to see Red in action. Hes one tough wrestler - and he knows it.