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Specimen Atom Bodyscissors submission hold submit abs Choke choking chokehold

Specimen vs Atom - Battlespace 56

$ 31.25

Atom is an accomplished wrestler with lots of power. But is he taking on more than he can handle when he gets on the mat with huge bodybuilder Specimen? Big muscle beast Specimen outweighs Atom by about 75 pounds of muscle weight in his thick legs, massive chest and huge arms. After some initial circling on the mat and mutual trash talk, its not long before Specimen gets Atom on his back and then clamps on a powerful scissors with his tree trunk legs. Atom still taunts the big guy calling him a big ogre. Confident Specimen tells Atom I just want to play with you a little more. Specimen administers a lot a punishment to the smaller guy, picking him up with ease and throwing him around like a play toy, giving him backbreakers, shoulder carries, bear hugs, headlocks, forearm smashes, leg scissors and gut punches even some gut punches during a backbreaker. At one point the big man sits on Atom and delivers three punches to Atoms left rib cage, then methodically does the same to his right. After one set of punishing moves, arrogant Specimen asks Atom Is that all youve got little man? But Atom is not easily beaten and shows how powerful he is by putting Specimen on his shoulders and doing a couple of squats. Not that heavy Atom tells Specimen. Later in the match, he stands up with Specimen thrown over his shoulders. Even big Specimen has to admit The little man has got some strength. But Specimen is huge, powerful and shows little mercy. Atom struggles to get him into a full nelson because Specimen is so big and strong. Can Atom overcome Specimens advantage in size and power and put the big muscleman down? You'll want to see how this one ends.