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Dominic vs Kid Titan - Battlespace 58

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Big Dominic The Dominator gives hunky Kid Titan some lessons in flexing. But the training session switches to wrestling because Dom has heard Kid Titan doesn't know how to wrestle. Dom literally takes Kid Titan to school, methodically putting the handsome muscle stud into one hold after another: bearhug, full nelson, fireman's carry, body scissors, head scissors, surf board, Boston crab and abdominal stretch. The contrast between teacher and student is pretty clear as Kid Titan fails in his first attempt to get a full nelson on the big Dominator. Cocky Dom clearly has some fun schooling Kid Titan with his punishing holds, saying Ill keep you in it a little longer when he has Kid Titan in a head scissors and asking What do you want me to do with you? when he has Kid Titan in a fireman's carry. Watching powerhouse Dom put Kid Titans gorgeous body into hold after hold is pretty amazing, but things really heat up when the tutorial ends and these two muscle hunks lock up for some wrestling. Kid Titan demonstrates his power and skills a few times during the action, saying Maybe I should have taught you how to wrestle when he has Dom in an over the shoulder back breaker. But its not long before Dom has Kid Titan in the same hold, keeping him there even after Kid Titan says I give. Before the action is over Dom presses Kid Titan overhead, delivers some punishing gut shots to Kid Titans muscular abs and does plenty of victory flexing, sometimes with his foot on Kid Titans stomach, back or neck. This is one hot video with two of the hottest guys you'll ever see on the wrestling mat.