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Python vs TAK Rematch - Battlespace 60

$ 25.95

TAK is working out his lean, muscular body with a tension cord when beefed up bodybuilder Python shows up. Python laughs at TAKs workout and asks why hes not using weights. TAK takes the opportunity to start a re-match with the bodybuilder, hoping to get revenge for his loss at the hands of Python in their last match. Little tough guy TAK comes on strong, landing half a dozen solid punches to Pythons rock hard abs. TAK throws the big guy down and then delivers more gut shots. Seizing the advantage, he ties up Python with his tension cord and asks Python What do you think about that work out, huh? After delivering some more gut punches, TAK vows hes going to win this time. But TAK needs more than his cocky attitude and smart mouth to beat powerhouse Python. These two fan favorites go at it with Python using the power in big muscles to put TAK in lots of holds, including some body scissors, an arm bar, full nelsons, bear hugs and a side head lock that leaves TAK gasping for breath. TAK relies heavily on punches to Pythons mid section and uses the tension cord a few times to tie up Python while he gives the bodybuilder a beating. Its a fantastic match between the lean, sexy, smart mouthed little guy and the thick, bulked up bodybuilder. Both these guys are in fantastic shape and are amazing to watch as they work each other over. Be sure to get this video to see if the tough little guy gets his revenge or if the powerful bodybuilder puts him down again.