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Dominic bro chest pecs abs test of strength

Dominic vs Bro - Battlespace 61

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Canadian model Bro brings his good looks and picture perfect body to Thunders Arena to put his Canadian muscle up against some American muscle on the wrestling mat. His first match is with one big piece of American muscle, Dominic, The Dominator. One look at Bro tells you why he is one of Canadas top models. But Bro is not just awesome to look at. He is also a big guy, at 6 1 and 210 pounds. Big Dom is stretching on the mat, stiff after some heavy lifting. Bro walks in and comments that Americans aren't very flexible and says Canadians don't need to lift weights. The two do some flexing for the camera as Dom lets loose with some trash talk about Canadians. Then the two go at it on the mat. They exchange lots of holds: headlocks, bear hugs, body and head scissors and tie each other up pretty good. Dom gets the advantage and puts the Canadian hunk into a school boy pin while he does some amazing flexing, telling Bro This is how America does it. To add to his domination of the handsome Canadian, Dom then does some pushups on top of him. When Dom finally lets the Canadian up, Bro gets right back into the fight and the two lock up, exchanging gut punches. When they break, the tough Canadian stud puts the Dominator into an ab stretch, but Dom doesn't give. Dom gets Bro down and puts the Canadian into a second humiliating school boy pin. Powerhouse Dom follows up with a body scissors combined with some punches to the Canadians ribs. After that brutal punishment, the fight is gone from the once cocky Canadian. You'll want to see Doms final hold and humiliating victory flex after the big American muscle beast finishes off the good looking Canadian hunk. This match is hot from start to finish as Dom gives the Canadian a lesson in American muscle.