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Angel Ajax Joe elevated bearhug lift carry arms

Angel with Ajax and Joe - Battlespace 9A

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Dominated Angel staring Ajax & Joe

AJAX IS BACK!!! Plus we have a new wrestler called Joe who is a friend of Angels, they capture alligators together. Angel and Joe are good friends but you would never know it how they act. They got into a fight over the alligator they caught right outside our doors. Then a massive real battle took place. There are lots of brawling, submission holds, bearhugs, boston crabs, and serious intense mat grappling. Ajax, hears the noise and busts threw the door and sees Angel and gets pissed because of what Angel did to his brother Batar. Now the beating really begins. Joe and Ajax take turns putting Angel in some of the most punishing submission holds I've seen here at Thunder's Arena. It's a domination match now with 2 against 1 and Angel is all by himself in this battle. You'll see him choked slammed, stretched, gut punched, bearhugged, body scissors, head scissors and over and over he's the victim of one of the most amazing beatdowns we have ever filmed. Will Angel survive? I don't think so after being submitted again, and again, and again.