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Bear vs Archer - No Holds Barred 34

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Bear is a big beefy beast who enjoys beating people up. During his most recent stay in jail, he met smaller, but muscular, Archer. The way Bear sees it, Archer didnt show Bear enough respect when they were in the lock up. So the big guy is looking forward to some time on the Thunders mat with the cocky Archer so he can have some fun working the little guy over. Archer is scrappy and never backs down. But he is no match for the size, weight, power and brutality of Bear. If you enjoy watching a big, beefy bully manhandle and humiliate a smaller tough guy, you wont want to miss this incredible video. Bear wastes no time dominating Archer. No sooner does the match begin than Bear is sitting on the little guys chest, using his superior size and weight to easily pin him. Of course, the cocky trash talk and posing from Bear starts the very beginning and is almost non-stop through the match. But Bear isnt satisfied with just physically dominating Archer, he humiliates him as well, putting Archers face anyplace he wants, making him breathe in Bear smell and making Archer say that he is Bears Little Cub right into the camera. Bear uses stretches and school boy pins and lots of scissors to work Archer over. He repeatedly uses a brutal move which he calls a bear claw that you wont want to miss. Archer is tough wrestler and he does mange to rally briefly with a cheap shot of his own. But in the end, big Bears size and power just totally dominate the smaller tough guy and its pretty amazing to watch. This one is destined to be a classic for fans of Big vs. Little matches.