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Bear Big Sexy bearhug lift carry thighs arms

Bear vs Big Sexy - No Holds Barred 35

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Big Sexy is admiring his own smooth, beautifully muscled body. He thinks a hairless body is what fans want and says hairy bodies are disgusting. Big, furry Bear hears this and hes pissed. Bear thinks his hairy body is sexier. Bear says Its all about the fur and rubs Big Sexys face in his hairy chest. Not surprisingly, these two big, tough, dominant guys take to the mat to settle the issue - and the action gets real hot, real dirty, real quick. Both of these guys have their big ego on the line as they battle to prove who is sexier, hotter and more desired by the fans: the furry, beefy, powerhouse Bear; or the smooth, muscular, wrestling champion, Big Sexy. The back and forth verbal abuse doesnt stop as these guys use crushing bear hugs, lots of scissors, backbreakers, full nelsons, arm bars, sleepers, kicks to the ribs, Boston crabs and gut punches to beat the other guy into submission. There are also some very creative pins. But there is no doubt these guys are also out for humiliation, with crotch in the face scissors and school boy pins, foot on the chest victory posing and Big Sexy plucking hair from Bears chest and armpit. At one point, they have each other in a head scissors and they roll around on the mat trying to break out. Its incredible to watch. Bear uses his signature dirty move, The Bear Claw on Big Sexy to devastating effect. Big Sexy retaliates mercilessly with dirty tricks of his own, making this truly a no holds barred match in every sense. The surprise ending is over the top, with one of these guys screaming for mercy. Be sure to get the video and see why.