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brute bear headscissors submission hold submit ab claw abs

Bear vs Brute - Bodybuilder Battle 92

$ 34.75

Part 2 of 3. Don't miss Part 1 Brute vs NJustice (MW69) and Part 3 Bear vs NJustice (MW72)

"What's your name?" asks Bear. "Brute!" "I'm Bear, sure you heard of me, pretty popular wrestler." Brute is not impressed. He kicks Bear's furry gut, takes him down in a headlock, and locks in a crippling camel clutch! The big Bear growls in pain, but it's not enough. Brute wants him to suffer and EYE GOUGES both his eyes! 
Bear escapes and lifts Brute in a massive rear bearhug, "This is why they call me Bear!" He throws him down, "Already sweating there, tons of fun?" mocks Bear. "Not bad for a rookie!" Brute delivers a vicious SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN then tight chin lock! 
Bear elbows his way out and locks in a crushing side headlock, "Oww!" moans Brute. "You ever heard of a little move called the bear claw?" Bear claws Brute's face with his MEAT HOOK hand! The heavyweight screams in pain, "That bear claw is no joke, that hurts!"
Brute HAMMER LOCKS Bear's arm, but he breaks free. The muscle giants lock up, and Brute delivers a giant bearhug. "That's one hell of a grip!" Brute locks in a full nelson then  digs his elbow in Bear's head. "Ahh my temple!" He then applies a sleeper, "Go to sleep!" Bear claws Brute's face to break away and locks in a full nelson / body scissor combo. These big boys are bringing the pain!
Both muscle monsters exchange gut punches and knees to the abs! Brute gets another snapmare takedown and stomach claws Bear. "You're not the only one with a good claw!" yells Brute. "You'd make a good little cub. Everyone I wrestle becomes my little bear cub!" moans Bear. Bear breaks the hold with a head scissor / stomach claw combo! 
These heavyweights are gassed! Brute kicks Bear's bad leg taking him down and rests his weight on the back of Bear's knee. The furry beast screams in pain as Brute locks in a STF! Bear coughs and gasps for air. "You're pretty good, but if I have to fight dirty, I'm gonna fight dirty." Brute eye gouges Bear again! 
"I can't see!" Bear screams as he tries to stand up. "Can't really fight when you can't see!" Brute locks in a camel clutch and continues eye gouging and clawing Bear's face. He headlocks the furry beast, drags him into the laundry room, and RAMS his face into the dryer! Bear groans in pain. 
Now in the living room, Bear eye gouges Brute and kicks him onto the couch. He bear claws Brute's face and locks in a tight full nelson and headlock. Brute SPEARS the furry beast onto the couch and repeatedly RAMS his shoulder into Bear's hairy gut. The muscle bulls take their fight to the patio.
"What's wrong buddy? You gonna be alright Captain Baldy?" asks Bear. Brute knees the muscle bear, rams his head into the walls, and bearhugs him. "Let's go cowboy!" Bear spanks Brute's muscle glutes. BIG MISTAKE!
Camel clutches, bearhugs, choke holds, and headlocks! These heavyweights are evenly matched, but one things for sure, the loser's going for a swim! Will it be Brute the King of the Eye Gouge or Bear the King of the Bear Claw?