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Bear vs Chase - Custom Video Series 106

Bear vs Chase - Custom Video Series 106

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

A Vegas massage sparks a surprise attack in this intense penthouse battle! Laying down, Bear waits for his massage as Chase sneaks up from behind HAMMERING Bear's chest with brutal forearm blows! Groaning in pain, Bear is dragged to the floor in a guillotine choke but breaks away wrapping Chase in a scissor/sleeper combo. "You can tap, and we can go again!" taunts Bear SQUEEZING his rock-hard bicep tighter and tighter around Chase's throat. Struggling for air, Chase narrowly escapes and battles back with a head scissors, gut punches, and ab claw as Bear screams in pain. His blood boiling, Bear recovers and CLAWS Chase's face slamming him to the floor for a scissor/full nelson combo and back-breaking Boston crab! Ready for payback, Chase recovers with a crushing body scissors, tight sleeper, bow & arrow, and lifts Bear in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug carrying him around the room! Gasping for air, Bear wraps Chase in a mid-air body scissors trying to escape; the intense struggle sends Chase crumbling to the floor. Angry, Bear lifts Chase in an upside-down belly to back bearhug SHAKING him around before dropping Chase down for a sharp knee to the ribs. Chase groans in agony as Bear forces him to his feet and BULLDOGS Chase's skull into a chair. A back-and-forth battle on the chair has Bear and Chase using gut punches, arm stretches, scissor/sleeper combo, and a claw to the face to rip each other apart! Winded from the intense struggle, both wrestlers take their fight to the floor as Bear strikes with a GRUELING dragon sleeper. Gasping for air, Chase nearly passes out as Bear locks on a vicious head scissor/arm-bar combo forcing Chase to tap. "That's my new little cub right there!" mocks Bear flexing in victory until a low blow drops Bear to his knees. "Time to go in hibernation!" threatens Chase jumping on Bear's back with a tight sleeper. A SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors, forearm blows, body scissors, and intense bearhug battle leads to a surprise rooftop finale!