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Bear Frey headlock abs pecs

Bear vs Frey - No Holds Barred 68

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Bear is back!  Having had surgery on his knee (after a particularly hard match with Kratos), Bear is ready and raring to wrestle again.  Bear is addressing the camera, sending out a challenge to Kratos, when Frey enters and starts mocking Bear’s appearance.  Clearly not in a forgiving mood, Bear pulls Frey’s head between his big thighs before dropping to the mat and flipping Frey over!  Frey cries out as Bear applies a vicious BEAR CLAW to Frey’s balls!  Ouch!  Frey escapes and the two men lock up.  Frey shows off his awesome strength by lifting the big man off the mat in a tight Rear Bear Hug!  Bear claws at Frey’s hands and manages to reverse the hold, applying a rear Bear Hug of his own!  Frey is high and dry as Bear claws his balls again, before dropping him to the mats!  Bear is on the rampage!  Frey is pushed to the ground as Bear “checks the oil” with his thumb!  Frey screams out and scrambles away – that was a step too far and now Frey is pissed!  He applies a ball claw of his own before scooping Bear up and dropping him in an Atomic Drop!  Bear crumples to the floor, clutching his manhood.  Something has switched in Frey and goes after the recovering knee of Bear, locking on a tight figure four leg lock!  Bear is writhing in agony!  Frey releases the hold and the two men get up, only for Frey to kick Bear’s knee out again, dropping him down and dragging his head between his thighs for a headscissors.  Bear is far from done though as he pulls Frey’s legs out from under him, Frey crashing to the mat!  Bear taunts Frey with his Bear Claw, teasing and threatening – this is psychological warfare!

Bear wraps his big arm around Frey’s neck, pulling him back into a bodyscissor, all the while taunting Frey with that Bear Claw!  Frey wants to be anywhere but there!  Playing possum, Frey goes for a cheapshot of his own, clawing Bear before lifting him up over his shoulder and dropping him down to the mat.  Frey flexes his awesome biceps over Bear, declaring he’s “here to kick some ass!”  Going after Bear’s injured knee again, Frey coldly states that he knows Bear’s weakness and “is gonna work it!”  Wow – we knew Frey had a man streak, but that is just cold!  Chest stretches, kicks to the knee, forearms to the pecs, Frey unloads on Bear!  Frey chops the pecs of Bear till they’re red raw!  Frey flexes again – BIG MISTAKE!!!  Bear spots the opening and lashes out with a hard punch to Frey’s balls!  Frey sinks, unable to speak!

Full Nelsons, claws, bearhug takedowns, spladles, this match has it all!  Frey goes for the humiliation and CROTCH-SMOTHERS the big guy!  But this leaves him open for Bear to conduct another Oil Check!  These two are going for each other in any way they can find!  Cheap ab shots and more ball shots than you can count!  This is truly a no holds barred match – Frey catches Bear in a Camel Clutch, PULLING HIM BACK BY HIS BEARD!!!  This is one of the most intense, vicious and hardcore matches we have ever produced and it will keep you guessing right to the last minute as one of these titans passes out from the pain – a brutal ending to a brutal match!  Get it today and see for yourself!