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NJustice arm bar Bear nice abs arms

Bear vs NJustice - Mat Wars 72

$ 31.25

Part 3 of 3. Don't miss Part 1 Brute vs NJustice (MW69) and Part 2 Brute vs Bear (BB92)

In the third part of a trilogy that began with Brute vs NJustice and continued with Brute vs Bear, Bear now decides to take his issues out on NJustice!

At poolside, Bear pulls NJustice out of the pool only to throw him back in again!  Again Bear offers help only to push NJustice back in.  Bear is in a rage as he launches himself at NJustice, landing on the hapless wrestler and forcing him underwater!  Bear fishes NJustice out and slaps a full nelson on him.  NJustice looks dazed as Bear switches to a rear bearhug before throwing him under the water again!  NJustice recovers as Bear stands ready to strike with his deadly Bear Claw!  NJustice is writhing in pain as Bear’s fingers dig deep into his skull, before being dunked under again!  In desperation, NJustice rakes Bear’s eyes before clambering out of the pool and drop kicking Bear in the face!  NJustice grabs Bear’s pride and joy – his beard!  That just enrages the Bear, who drops with a shoulder to NJustice’s chin!  The two men climb out of the pool, but a cheap shot from NJustice has Bear bent double in perfect position for NJustice to throw him back in!  Another drop kick has Bear reeling!  NJustice goes for a third, but that’s one too many as Bear blocks!

The match shifts to the mat room.  NJustice and Bear are drying off as NJustice surprises Bear with a quick forearm to the face!  Bear collapses to the mat as NJustice follows up with a double stomp to the back!  NJustice wraps his legs around Bear in a bodyscissor, again using his beard for extra leverage!  Bear retaliates with his patented Bear Claw, switching to a schoolboy pin.  Bear starts flexing, but NJustice uses his legs to pull Bear back onto the mat, following through with a crab submission hold that puts a whole lot of pressure on Bear’s injured knee!  NJustice doesn’t have the hold on completely though and Bear manages to throw him off!  Bear gets the advantage, pulling NJustice down for a headscissor, his big legs crushing the windpipe of NJustice!  As if that wasn’t bad enough, Bear unleashes a variant of his Bear Claw – the Bear Ball Claw!  NJustice is hurting, but doesn’t submit!  A low blow of his own brings the Bear down!  NJustice slaps on a front chancery, but Bear powers up and out, getting behind and wrapping NJustice up in a rear bearhug.  NJustice is lifted high off the mat as his torso is crushed in the mighty grip of Bear!  Bear throws NJustice to the mat and proceeds to stretch him out, but NJustice refuses to submit!  Bear slaps NJustice’s ass – NJustice fires back with a NASTY chop to the pecs, a butt stomp to the back and an arm bar!  A suplex has Bear back in charge as stomps NJustice’s balls over and over again!  NJustice surprises Bear with a perfectly executed DROPKICK, into a CROSS FACE submission hold!  Bear is in absolute agony, but doesn’t submit!

The match gets dirty as each realises the other is better than they thought.  Both resort to kicks and stomps, dirty moves and holds that leave the other screaming out in pain.  NJustice snaps and unleashes an unsportsmanlike attack on Bear’s injured knee, slamming it into the mat and driving first after fist into the joint.  Scissors, chokes, claws, cheap shots, leg locks – this is a gritty, brutal street fight between two combatants who really don’t like each other and who want nothing more than to beat up on the other!  Get this match today to see the vicious fight leading up to a NASTY ending – one thing’s for sure, neither will be the same again!