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Frank the Tank Coupe pecs chest arms biceps abs

Frank the Tank vs Coupe - Bearhug Challenge 02A

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Frank The Tank vs Coupe 

Coupe calls up his buddy Cameron Mathews to talk about his recent Bearhug Challenge against Frank the Tank, and the conversation plays as a running commentary throughout this match. Frank is the heavier and tougher contestant, and Cam opines, Id be willing to bet youve got no chance of winning this. Absolutely no chance would be a more accurate assessment. Coupe and Cameron engage in smart and vicious repartee, covering a wide range of topics, including the divine origins of Frank the Tank, Cams sisters bear hug, and the Great Houdiniall while Frank mops up the poolside patio with the hapless Coupe, who at one point observes that bear hugs take a lot out of you even though there's not a lot of running around. Still, he tells us, as if we couldn't tell after watching a few minutes of this massacre, you are getting the life sucked out of you.