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Rambo vs Big Sexy - Bearhug Challenge 03A

Rambo vs Big Sexy - Bearhug Challenge 03A

$ 31.25

Big Sexy mocks Rambo for daring to call himself champ of the Bear Hug Challenge by pronouncing himself the Bear Hug King. Even in weight, these two wrestlers promise a true give-and-take contest. Talking big, as usual, Sexy gives Rambo a free shot, daring the man to do his best to make him submit. Rambo proves stronger than Sexy expected, squeezing him with force and jerking him back and forth and up and down to maximize the pressure on Sexys ribs. Sexy, impatient with the long stress and strain of the bear hug, determines to beat his opponent in any way he can. He demands that Rambo reciprocate with a free shot in return for Sexys magnanimous gesture at the start of the bout. When Rambo raises his arms, Sexy smashes his knee against the mans ribs and then submits him in a reverse hug. More concerned with looking good, Sexy doesnt mind going for a low blow if it means he can gain the advantage over Rambo. The question is whether Rambo, a bit stronger than Sexy, will beat the flashy loudmouth by sticking to the rules of the game.