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Beast Bolt frey kid Titan

Beast and Kid Titan and Frey vs Bolt - Custom Video Series 54

$ 25.95

Muscle Maelstrom Mayhem in the Mat room!

The return of the Beast!  Making his return to Thunder’s Arena, Beast is looking to polish up on his mat skills.  Beast is, well, a beast in the ring, but he decides to approach Bolt for some mat coaching, sweetening the deal with some kick-ass football tickets!  Beast (who is looking bigger than ever!) wants Bolt to show him his main signature move – Bolt accepts the tickets and agrees to show Beast some moves.  Cut to Beast on his back, with Bolt applying a Banana Split on the behemoth!  Beast is incredulous – “What are you even doing?”  Frey and Kid Titan hear the commotion and come onto the mat where they see what’s going on.  Frey starts laughing, pointing out that Bolt is nowhere near strong enough to apply that hold on Beast.  “Does that hurt?” asks Bolt. “Gotta say, no”.  An embarrassed Bolt challenges Kid Titan to take the same hold.  Kid plays along, letting Bolt apply the hold, but again to no avail!  Bolt is humiliated as he decides instead to use Kid Titan as a dummy, showing Beast the Camel Clutch.  Bolt wraps his hands around Kid Titan’s chin, arches his back and pulls up as Beast looks on.  But Bolt can’t hold on to the heavier man and decides to change again to a Boston Crab!  Bolt slaps the painful hold on Kid Titan, pulling back on his legs and sitting down hard, but Kid just takes it!  Beast is unimpressed and ripe for the tactics of Frey who offers to show Beast some moves of his own, using Bolt as a wrestling dummy!  Frey starts with a Camel Clutch, nearly ripping Bolt’s head off!  Then Beast tries it himself and has Bolt crying out in pain as Frey and Kid Titan look on!  Oh boy, is Bolt in trouble now!

Kid Titan gets in on the fun, opting for a side headlock on Bolt before firing him across to Beast for the same – Beast crushes Bolt’s head with his huge biceps, adding a noogie for good measure!  Kid drags Bolt to his feet and hoists him up for a Torture Rack!  Frey gets in on the action, brutalising Bolt’s back before passing the suffering stud to the mountainous Beast who REALLY goes to town with the rack!  Bolt is in all kinds of excruciating pain as Frey next shows Beast the headscissors!  Bolt is crushed, smothered and manhandled by Frey, but that’s just the beginning as Kid Titan takes over.  Bolt begs for release, but if he thought that was painful, he ain’t felt nothing yet – Beast goes in for the kill, wrapping his HUGE quads around Bolt’s head and powering on the ULTIMATE SQUEEZE!  Bolt is utterly at the mercy of the Trio of Terror as Frey slaps on a sleeper hold!  Bolt is almost out, but Frey slaps him awake ready for Beast’s turn!  This may be the roughest sleeper hold we’ve ever filmed – Beast’s bicep crushes Bolt’s face as his thick forearm chokes Bolt out!  If that wasn’t enough, Beast adds in a vicious eye gouge!

The coaching session continues with dragon sleepers, ab drops, leg drops, brutal row splits, standing headscissors, figure-four headscissors and a triangle choke!  A double Boston Crab / headscissor combination has Bolt screaming!  Then Beast decides he wants to learn how to KO his opponent and a whole new level of torture begins!  Can Bolt survive this mauling?  Will we ever see him in the Arena again?  Add this ultimate beatdown to your collection today!