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bow and arrow submission hold Billy the Kid

Beast vs Billy the Kid - Ring Wars 23

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

#1 Bestseller August 2016

Two new muscle wrestlers debut in the ring at Thunder’s Arena!

Beast, a massive hunk of muscle and strength, takes on Billy the Kid, an agile wrestler in pro boots, who is clearly no slouch in the gym himself!  “What’s your name?” Billy asks of the behemoth in the opposite corner.  “Doesn’t matter” is the answer – uh oh!  The two men get down to business as they lock up, testing each other’s strength.  Beast propels the Kid across the ring!  They lock up again and again, Billy goes flying!  Realising he’s not going to win the power game, Billy gets behind Beast, locking his arms up in a Full Nelson!  Throwing the bodybuilder to the canvas, Billy smashes Beast’s face into the turnbuckle before blatantly choking him! Dragging Beast to the other side of the ring, Billy smashes his face into the top turnbuckle, then turns him around and plants his black boot firmly against Beast’s throat!  The cowboy takes a moment to gloat and taunt the Beast - BIG MISTAKE!!!  Beast seizes the moment, literally picking the Kid up and throwing him into the corner, following up with a big kick to the midsection before SUPLEXING the surprised pro!  Billy is writhing on the canvas clutching his back as Beast goes in for the kill, trapping Billy’s arm between his legs and applying a CROSS FACE CRIPPLER!!  Beast has MASSIVE forearms, crushing either side of Billy’s face as his head is pulled back!  Billy is in agony, but refuses to give!  The Kid breaks the hold and scrambles around, locking a Cross Face of his own on Beast!  When that doesn’t do the job, Billy tries an Abdominal Stretch.  Beast just reaches between Billy’s legs and scoops him up, before slamming him to the canvas!  A surfboard variation has the Kid screaming, but Beast finds himself on the receiving end of a back-wrenching Bow & Arrow!

Beast trips the Kid and traps him in a brutal Cross Face Camel Clutch, yanking back for all he’s worth!  Still no submission!  Both wrestlers are giving their all eager, not only to win, but also to impress on their debut!  Beast’s meaty traps become a target for a double claw from the Kid!  Beast floors Billy with a devastating CLOTHESLINE off the ropes, nearly decapitating him!  Beast circles the Kid, stomping his back before dragging him up and whipping him to the ropes for another clothesline!  As Billy recovers on the canvas, Beast snakes his legs around his body, applying a deadly Body Scissor!  This match has so many ‘pause’ moments – Beast’s muscles, slick with sweat (seriously, it’s like these guys are in an oil match!), bulge and flex as he crushes poor Billy!  Beast rains clubbing forearm blows to the back and chest of Billy – in desperation, the Kid rakes Beast’s eyes!  A snapmare and Billy applies a scissor hold of his own!  Hammer locks, head locks, arm stretches, these guys are putting each other through the wringer!

Beast looks truly epic as he crushes Billy’s head in a head scissors, his mountainous pecs and brick-wall abs are mesmerizing!  Billy finds himself trapped time and again, but refuses to submit!  Can the Kid outlast his opponent and slay the Beast?  Or will the massive Beast be too much to handle?  Get this great match today to find out for yourself!  A stunning debut!