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Beast vs Brute - Ring Wars 38

Beast vs Brute - Ring Wars 38

$ 34.75

Oh boy – the big boys are here, and they’re not here to play!  If you’re a fan of old-school ring rasslin’, just two big guys beating on each other in the squared circle until only one is left standing, then this one is for you.  Brute and Beast are dominant forces in Thunder’s Arena, both with a string of defeated opponents in their wake!  “Are you ready for this?” Brute starts the match with a fierce kick to Beast’s midsection, followed by a blow to the top of Beast’s head!  The stunned Beast sinks to his knees, but Brute presses home his advantage, dragging Beast back up and ramming him face first into the corner!  A blatant choke from Brute reminds Beast that there’s no referee here!  Brute pulls Beast out of the corner and fires another blow into Beast’s head.  A snapmare into a headlock has Beast grimacing in pain as Brute flexes his bicep into Beast’s neck!  Brute lives up to his name as he viciously digs his fingers into Beast’s eye!  Beast escapes, but Brute follows through, stomping all over the prone Beast!  Beast has NEVER been manhandled like this!  Brute is relentless and methodical, tying Beast up in the ropes to give his midsection a beating, before throwing him to the canvas for a powerful bodyscissor!  Beast is in agony as he tries to prise Brute’s impressively strong legs apart.  Brute, sensing that Beast isn’t ready to submit yet, releases the hold with Beast gratefully rolling out of the deadly squeeze.

Brute goes in for the lock-up, but Beast rallies and slips under Brute’s guard, clasping a grinding bearhug on the surprised Brute!  Lifting Brute high off the canvas, Beast crushes his prey for all he’s worth.  Brute screams as his ribs are pulverised, but he keeps it together enough to drive his elbow into the back of Beast’s head, forcing him to break the hold.  Brute is enraged as he drives Beast into the corner, firing blow after blow into Beast’s torso before perching him on the top turnbuckle and attacking the knee!  Brute seems intent on not only beating Beast, but on utterly destroying him and putting him out of commission!  Beast’s knee is being torn apart – in desperation he frantically rains forearm blows down on Brute’s traps and lats, forcing the dominant Brute to back off.  Beast seizes the moment, wrapping his huge arm around Brute’s neck for a sleeper hold!  Beast cranks the devastating hold, firing blows into Brute’s vulnerable body – these two are not kidding around!  Brute screams out as Beast hoists him up in another bearhug before ramming his back into the corner.  Beast drives his shoulder into Brute’s abs over and over again, breaking down the brick wall!  Now it’s all Beast as Brute is thrown from corner to corner.  Spinebuster!  The intensity kicks up a notch as Brute lets fly with some nasty kicks and an atomic drop before scooping Beats up for a big slam!  An awesome sleeper hold has Beast fading, his face turning a dangerous shade of red.  Then chilling words from Brute – “Just ‘cause you’re unconscious, doesn’t mean I’m letting go.  Just ‘cause you’re out, doesn’t mean I’m done.”  Wow – all bets are off now!

Brute painfully wakes Beast up, saying he’s not done yet!  Rope chokes, butt drops, a brutal chin lock in the ropes!  Both wrestler’s bodies shine with sweat and bulge with muscle as they work each other over!  Eye gouges, bearhugs, sleepers and so much more, both in and out of the ring!  An incredible match, this one will have you on the edge of your seats and glued to the screen – get it today!