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Dolf tree of woe on Beast chest

Beast vs Dolf - Ring Wars 33

$ 25.95

This is intense.  Dolf vs Beast, two bodybuilders going at it one on one, two gladiators out to best the other in the ring!  There’s no backstory here, no secret feud, no behind-the-scenes grudge, just pure competition – two athletic alphas going one on one for bragging rights!

Already in the ring, the two muscle hunks lock up, testing each other out.  Beast, in yellow trunks, gets the advantage with an armlock and a fall-away slam!  Dolf shows he can give as good as he gets, lifting Beast and slamming him to the canvas, following up with a knee-warping leglock!  Dolf wraps Beast up in the corner, raining blows down on Beasts pecs before choking him and standing on his throat!  Dolf flexes for the camera before going for a pin – an arrogant slow count give Beast the chance to kick out!  Dolf tries again, but again Beast kicks out!  It’s going to take more than that to put the behemoth away!  Beast recovers and mounts Dolf, driving his knee into Dolf’s ribs!  Dolf tries to regroup, but Beast is in him immediately!  Showing off his impressive power and strength, Beast SUPLEXES the musclestud, leaving Dolf writhing in pain on the canvas!  Beast catches Dolf in a standing headlock, grinding his biceps into Dolf’s head!  Beast takes them to the canvas, keeping the headlock on before switching to a brutal, bicep-popping arm lock!  “Tap!” Beast demands a submission, but Dolf answers with an arm lock of his own!  Beast responds by lifting Dolf and slamming him down, forcing him to break the lock!  Dolf recovers as Beast shakes his arm out, but he’s too slow – Beast drapes him throat-first over the middle rope, choking him with all his weight!

Dolf comes back, lifting Beast over his shoulder and throwing him to the canvas then driving him into the corner!  Dolf unleashes a brutal attack on Beast’s midsection, battering the Beast’s brick wall with shoulder barges and punches!  Dolf goes for a snapmare, but Beast blocks and hurls Dolf into the opposite turnbuckle!  Beast lunges in and hoists Dolf up in an excruciating bearhug, his forearms digging deep into the lower back of Dolf!  To add further punishment, Beast crushes Dolf’s back into a turnbuckle, then traps him in a nasty arm bar!  Beast wraps his big arms around Dolf’s neck in a sleeper, but Dolf manages to trip Beast and escape!  These two are the living definition of evenly matched!

Gut bashing, clotheslines, painful pins, leg sweeps, slams and stomps – they hit each other with anything and everything in their arsenal!  A camel clutch has Dolf screaming in agony but he refuses to submit!  Arm bars, chokes, takedowns – Dolf wraps his huge quads around Beast’s head for a standing head scissors!  The battle is far from over!

Which of these alpha gladiators can claim the victory?  Can Beast escape and put Dolf away?  Or will Dolf upset the Beast for the win?  This is a hard-fought war between two muscle fighters - get it today to see who leaves the ring and who is out cold!