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Beast vs Fang - Mat Rats 84

Beast vs Fang - Mat Rats 84

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Meet Thunder’s Arena’s latest recruit, Fang!

Local boy Fang came to Thunder’s wanting to take on the big boys and, boy, did he get his wish!  Mr. Mike must have been in a bad mood that day because he matched Fang up with the mighty, and massive, Beast!

Beast is on the mats, flexing and bouncing his thick pecs as he waits for his mystery opponent to arrive.  Enter Fang, who is no slouch in the gym himself!  “What’s your name?” Beast asks the newcomer.  “Fang.”  “Well, they call me the Beast.”  “Was that Beast or Bitch?”  Wow – does Fang know who he’s on the mats with?!  Beast starts mocking Fang, calling him a ‘Spaghetti Noodle’ – Fang is infuriated and slugs Beast in the midsection, but Beast barely feels it!  Again and again Fang fires hard blows into Beast’s abs until Beast has had enough of playing and pulls Fang into a front facelock before hoisting him up into an upside-down bearhug!  Beast parades Fang around the mats, letting all the blood rush to his head.  Beast drops him to the mat and into a grinding headlock, his huge bicep crushing Fang’s face!  Beast keeps the hold on, almost choking Fang out!  Beast rolls Fang up into a cradle, forcing the smaller man’s knee into his face!  Fang is completely immobilised and at the mercy of Beast – but the Beast isn’t known for going easy on his opponents!  Beast gets up, telling Fang to get off the mat.  Suddenly Fang springs forwards, lifting Beast off the mat and into a bearhug of his own!  Beast is taken by surprise as Fang cranks the hold before letting Beast go.  “What, did you get tired?”  Beast decides to show Fang how a bearhug SHOULD be done – Beast wraps his huge arms around Fang’s body, lifts him and CRUSHES THE BREATH OUT OF HIM!!!  Fang is on the floor in agony as Beast flexes above him.  Fang tries to scamper away, but Beast grabs his trunks and pulls them, revealing another pair underneath!  Beast pulls Fang up into another of his crippling bearhugs, seemingly intent on wrecking the young wrestler’s body!  Beast scoops Fang up and SLAMS him down over his knee in a backbreaker, clubbing forearm blows adding to the punishment!  This is definitely not what Fang had in mind!  Beast slaps on a breath-stealing sleeper hold – Fang is clearly out, but Beast isn’t ready to end it yet as he slaps Fang awake!

“You had enough yet?” Fang answers by locking up with the behemoth!  Suddenly, Fang leaps into the air and wraps his legs around Beast’s torso in a bodyscissor!  Beast sinks to the mat, but he manages to escape with a barrage of blows to Fang’s chest.  Beast is determined to teach the rookie punk a lesson in respect as he wraps his gigantic quads around Fang’s torso for a deadly REVENGE SQUEEZE!!  Fang weathers that storm, only to be dragged back into those thighs in Beast’s rock-hard Headscissors!  Can Fang survive the Beast’s onslaught and mount a comeback?  Or will the mighty Beast add another name to his list of vanquished heroes?  Buy this match today and see for yourself!