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Beast vs Joey King - Ring Wars 36

Beast vs Joey King - Ring Wars 36

$ 31.25

“Tale as old as aaarrrggghhh!!!!”


Beast and Joey King, two of Thunder’s Arena’s most skilled and powerful wrestlers are finally meeting in the ring!  Beast, in blue trunks, is stretching and testing the ropes as Joey King watches on.  “You all limbered up?” asks Joey.  Some more stretching (not to mention pec bouncing!) and Beast is good to go!  The two men circle each other, suddenly all business as they size each other up.  Joey proposes a lock up, but Beast silently raises his arm to signal a test of strength!  “Ah, old school” says Joey.  Their fingers interlock and chests smash together as each tries to overpower the other.  Beast starts to get the upper hand, when Joey suddenly fires a knee lift into Beast’s midsection, followed by a forearm blow to the back that sends Beast to the canvas!  “Not too smart, are ya” quips Joey as Beast recovers.  They go for another test of strength, but Beast has learned his lesson, shooting a kick of his own straight away!  The two pros lock up instead and Joey drives Beast into the corner where he shoulder barges him over and over again before dragging him to a different corner and ramming his face into the turnbuckle!  Joey decides to take the Beast on a tour of the ring, introducing his face to each turnbuckle as they go – Beast is not used to being treated like this!  Joey continues to humiliate Beast, slapping him and showing off his agility.  You can see in his face that Beast is getting mad!  Joey cockily gets on all fours, offering Beast a free shot – BIG MISTAKE!  Beast wraps his massive arm around Joey’s head, is huge bicep bulging into Joey’s throat!  In desperation, Joey yanks on Beast’s ear!  Ouch!  Beast drives Joey into the ropes, but Joey drives him right back to the corner, again firing his shoulder into Beast’s abs.  Brought to the centre of the ring, Beast is rudely awoken by Joey’s devastating neckbreaker!  Beast is on the canvas in agony as Joey looks on, mocking him.  “When you gonna turn on ‘beast mode’ brother?”  Be careful what you wish for Joey!

The massively confident Joey decides to offer Beast another free shot, thinking it’s going to be a hold, but Beast just fires his boot into Joey’s spine – he’s done playing around!  He slaps another headlock on Joey, crushing his head!  “Ok, I might have underestimated ya”.  But whilst Beast may be the more powerful of the two, Joey clearly has his number when it comes to mindgames!  He goads Beast into another strength challenge, again delivering a vicious shot to Beast’s midsection.  Joey pulls Beast up into a tight Camel Clutch, peppering his pecs with clubbing blows!  Joey is all over Beast, clamping on a full nelson with Beast’s body on full display.  Beast calls upon all his reserves and manages to roll out of the hold.  Beast has been physically and mentally beaten down by the cocky pro, but he’s far from done – Joey has finally crossed the line and the Beast has snapped!  Beast unleashes a barrage of blows and holds on the surprised Joey, raining kicks and stomps and punches down on his body!  A nerve claw to the trap has Joey screaming!  Beast’s pecs and traps bulge like they’re ready to explode as he pulls back HARD on a payback Camel Clutch!  Joey manages to escape, slapping on a sleeper hold, but Beast lifts him up whilst still in the hold and slams Joey back down!  Joey’s mouth is still getting him into trouble as Beast chokes him on the ropes.  Beast’s massive chest is slick with sweat as he drives his knee into Joey’s spine!  But Joey fires a cheap shot into Beast’s balls!

These two are incredibly evenly matched – this battle will keep you guessing right up to the end!  Will Beast get revenge for the earlier beatdown?  Or will Joey’s mindgames help him earn the victory?  This is one of the most hard-hitting and punishing matches we have ever filmed!  One thing is for sure, you’ll come back to this match again and again – add it to your collection today!