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Beast vs Kid Dynamite - Mat Wars 75

Beast vs Kid Dynamite - Mat Wars 75

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Beast, looking more impressive than ever, is back to take on Thunder’s latest recruit, the former Greco-roman champion Kid Dynamite!  Beast is on the mats, telling the camera about his workout regimen and how he’s put on about 15lbs of muscle and how he wants to get bigger so he can “beat the s*** out of people!”  Fighting talk!  Kid Dynamite, in purple trunks, starts flexing and posing for the camera, showing off the results of all his hard training.  Beast, in tight blue trunks, is eager to get to beating the rookie down!  Kid Dynamite keeps running his mouth, mocking Beast’s tattoos.  Anyone who has wrestled Beast knows that he has a temper and can snap in a second!  “Don’t touch my tattoos”  “Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”  Kid Dynamite shoves Beast which crosses the line – Beast lunges in and hauls Dynamite up into a crushing bearhug!  Beast keeps the hold on tight with his hands clasped right at the base of Kid’s spine, but Dynamite doesn’t give!  He manages to slip an arm into the hug and escapes, whirling behind Beast and slapping on a full nelson that forces the big man to his knees!  Beast fights his way back up, eventually flexing out of the hold with a massive most muscular!  Beast gets behind Kid Dynamite and traps the new recruit in a full nelson of his own, pressing down hard on his neck!  Dynamite grabs Beast by the head and throws him over to the mat!  Beast recovers and traps Kid in a headlock, squeezing hard as he regroups.  Kid refuses to submit though and manages to power out.  Beast clamps on a front facelock, but Dynamite gets a takedown and clamps on a headlock!  The two powerhouses trade holds back and forth until Beast traps Kid Dynamite between his thick legs!  Beast rides Kid Dynamite, but the rookie rolls out.  A flex off give the two chance to get their breath back, but Kid Dynamite seizes the opportunity for a cheap shot to the midsection and a takedown!  Grabbing a leg and arm, Kid Dynamite pulls hard against Beast, making the bodybuilder scream in pain!  Dynamite releases the hold but, before Beast can recover, traps him in a bodyscissor.  Beast refuses to submit so Kid releases the hold, ready to wear Beast down some more!

They go to lock up again, but Beast fires a cheap shot of his own before scooping Kid Dynamite up and slamming him down over his knee in a backbreaker once, twice, three times!  Beast rains blows down on Kid’s torso as he holds him in place over his knee.  Beast demands that Kid tap out, but he refuses!  As Beast closes in for the kill, Dynamite grabs his leg for a takedown, using the surprise to mount Beast and apply a Camel Clutch!  Beast refuses to give in, enduring the agony!  Kid Dynamite applies hold after hold, but still Beast holds out!  A nasty ankle lock from Beast has Dynamite screaming!  Scissor holds, leg locks, headlocks, chokes, headscissors, sleepers – these two unload everything they have against each other, right up to a dramatic sleeper finish!  Who gets the W?  Get this match today to find out!