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Scrappy forces Beast into the ropes at Thunders Arena

Beast vs Scrappy - Ring Wars 31

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Part 5 of a 5 part revenge series!!

After his last match with Steel, Beast has caught up with Scrappy at the Thunder’s ring facility to protest at his interference.  “You were getting your ass kicked – I helped you!”  Beast is getting angrier and angrier as Scrappy berates the bodybuilder!  Beast shoves Scrappy hard, but the confident Scrappy doesn’t back down, shoving back and getting in Beast’s face!  Scrappy drives Beast’s back into the ring apron, forearm clubbing his pecs and drilling his fist into Beast’s abs!  Scrappy drapes Beast’s arms around the bottom rope, stretching the big man out!  A double pec claw has Beast screaming out a submission!  Scrappy rolls into the ring, confident he can best the Beast!  Beast enters and the real match begins!

Beast charges in, lifting Scrappy and ramming him into the turnbuckle!  A clenched fist to the base of Scrappy’s skull leaves him vulnerable and open to a CRUSHING headlock from the furious Beast!  Scrappy is literally thrown across the ring!  Beast whips Scrappy off the ropes, slamming him to the canvas!  The hapless Scrappy is hung up in a classic TREE OF WOE!!  Scrappy’s abs provide a tempting target for Beast as the bodybuilder unleashes a barrage of blows!  Beast let’s Scrappy go, only to lift him up in a rib-bending bearhug!  Beast slams Scrappy to the mat and starts flexing for the camera – MISTAKE!  Scrappy leaps up onto Beast’s back, infuriating the muscle man!  Scrappy is literally hanging off of Beast’s neck!  Beast starts to go out, but Scrappy shakes him awake!  Just as you’re questioning Scrappy’s sanity, he clamps the sleeper back on and Beast is out!  But Scrappy is in a fighting mood and pours water on the sleeping Beast, rousing him from his slumber!  Scrappy mocks Beast, asking him how it feels to be “sleepered out by Scrappy”.  Beast answers with a massive jackhammer punch to the midsection that floors Scrappy!  Beast scoops Scrappy up and slams him HARD over his knee in a SPINE-SHATTERING OTK Backbreaker!  “Tap!” demands Beast as he pushes down on Scrappy’s throat!  “Tap!” Beast demands again as he claws Scrappy’s balls!  Scrappy has no choice and frantically slaps the canvas!  Beast applies a standing headscissors, but then falls forward, driving Scrappy’s face into the canvas, nearly breaking his neck!  The full fury of Beast is unleashed!

Beast clamps on another suffocating headlock. “Tap.  Actually, I hope you pass out!”  Beast is out to destroy, but Scrappy manages to push Beast’s head into his waiting thighs!  Beast’s face gets redder as Scrappy’s thighs crush inexorably around Beast’s throat!  Scrappy puts on a flexing show for the camera as Beast tries to recover!  Scrappy has all the momentum as he lets fly with kicks and blows to Beast’s midsection, the bodybuilder defenseless against the onslaught!  Low blows on both sides!  Can Beast make a comeback and defeat the upstart?  Or will Scrappy’s new-found confidence earn him the victory?

This is a brutal and hard-hitting match that neither wrestler will soon forget – and neither will you!  Get it today and see which wrestler is left out cold in the ring!