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Beast vs Sly - Mat Wars 76

Beast vs Sly - Mat Wars 76

$ 31.25

Sly is back at Thunder’s Arena and taking on the mighty Beast!  Sly playfully shoves Beast and then becomes all business, telling Beast to “step to the middle of this ring”.  The two lock up, jostling for position as they each try to find an opening.  Beast manages to clamp on a front facelock, but Sly withstand the hold.  Beast gets behind, trying to flip Sly, but finds himself pinned!  Beast is definitely not amused at Sly’s antics and steps up his game, taking Sly down and turning him over for a Boston Crab!  Beast pulls back hard on Sly’s legs, punishing and weakening his back – Beast keeps the hold on for a long time, but Sly doesn’t submit!  Beast releases the hold and the effects of the punishment are clear as Sly recovers on the mat.  Beast drives his message home with a CRIPPLING single-leg crab!  Beast warns Sly – “Eventually, your legs gonna pop off!”  Sly still refuses to give, so Beast folds his legs up in a toe hold.  Sly’s screams fill the mat room as Beast cranks on the painful hold!  Beast looks furious as he butt-drops onto Sly’s lower back, driving his glutes into Sly’s spine!  Then, in a truly awesome display of cruelty, Beast reclines back, snakes his hands under Sly’s chin and crunches up, pulling Sly’s head up off the mat as he does!  Suddenly, Sly grabs Beast’s leg, rolling out and tripping him to the mat!  Beast finds himself folded up, his hamstring being stretched to breaking point!  Sly locks on an arm bar, pulling back on Beast’s shoulder, before wrapping his arms around Beast’s leg, cradling him!

But Beast is one of our most devastating wrestlers and he’s gotten out of worse situations than this!  He flips Sly over into a headlock, then straddles his head for a tight schoolboy pin!  Beast flexes over the trapped Sly, showing off his abs and thick pecs before turning Sly over into a smothering figure-four scissor sleeper!  Sly is out – or is he?  A sudden shot to the balls leaves Beast open for a Full Nelson from Sly – he cranks the hold on HARD until Beast goes limp in his arms and sinks to the mat!  Sly plants his foot on Beast, showboating and flexing as the bodybuilder recovers!  Big mistake Sly!  Beast is ENRAGED, charging in and lifting Beast over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes, just to slam him back down to the mat!  “Get up” Beast tells Sly, lifting him and slamming him down again.  A scoop slam from Beast has Sly writhing in pain and regretting not putting Beast away when he had the chance!  An over the knee backbreaker followed by multiple power slams!  A pec-pounding Camel Clutch has Sly frantically tapping the mat!  But Beast isn’t interested in a simple tap – he wants total and utter destruction!  Beast hauls Sly up into a crushing bearhug, his thick forearms digging hard into Sly’s ribs, all leading up to a super-impressive show of torturous strength that Sly will NEVER forget!