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Beast locks in a camel clutch on Steel at Thunders Arena

Beast vs Steel - Ring Wars 30

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Part 4 of a 5 part revenge series!!

Beast has been on a rampage since he arrived at Thunder’s Arena, stampeding over opponent after opponent, building a fearsome reputation along the way!  Today, Beast is facing the mighty Steel in the Ring!  Steel has heard all about Beast’s reputation and decides to get a pre-emptive strike in before Beast has time to react!  Beast is reclining against the turnbuckle when Steel runs in and shoulder barges him, before lifting him over his shoulders into a Gut Buster rack!  Steel bounces the hold, ramming his massive traps up into Beast’s midsection, before slamming him down to the canvas!  Steel follows up with a grinding headlock, but Beast counters with a hip toss into a crushing headlock of his own!  Beast releases the hold and springs up, ready to lock up and fight!

The two men lock up and Steel drives Beast back into the turnbuckle, choking him and driving fists into his abdomen!  Steel mounts the ropes, trapping Beast and choking him hard with all his weight bearing down!  As Beast recovers, Steel presses his advantage with another skull-crushing headlock – Beast has the ropes, but there’s no ref here!  As if to mock, Steel drapes Beast over the middle rope, pushing his throat down hard!  Steel tells Beast to give, but Beast refuses!  Steel throws Beast to the canvas, looking massively pumped as he paces the ring.  “You done?”  Beast shoves Steel away – there’s your answer Steel!  Beast pec barges Steel across the ring, then scoops him up and slams him down HARD!  Steel runs the ropes, using the momentum to push Beast into the ropes, choking him before taking his legs out, bringing him crashing down!  Steel seizes the moment to clamp his legs either side of Beast’s head, pulverising him in a standing head scissor!  Steel takes the hold to the mat, flexing his abs as he pours on the pressure!  But Beast manages to escape, turning out of the hold and getting behind Steel, driving his knee into Steel’s midsection!  Beast drags Steel up for a stunning SUPLEX!!!  Steel has no time to recover as Beast pounces, pulling Steel up into a Camel Clutch!  Beast fails to capitalise though and Steel takes him down again, following up with a massive ELBOW DROP!  Steel pulls Beast’s head between his thighs again, but Beast lifts him up and slams him!  Shoulder barges in the corner!  Steel slaps a full nelson on the Beast!  Steel goes in for the kill with a vengeance, slapping on a Camel Clutch of his own!  Every muscle on Steel’s body bulges as he pulls back with all his might, only to release the hold and instead applies a Boston Crab! BIG MISTAKE – Beast uses his huge legs to throw Steel off!  The two trade holds and blows, two behemoths of power and muscle battling to best the other!  Chokes, bearhugs, forearm blows – suddenly Beast whips Steel into the ropes!  

This is one of the most hard-hitting and intense matches we have ever filmed and will go down as an all-time classic!  Who comes out on top?  Get it today to find out!