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Beast over the knee backbreaker on Talon

Beast vs Talon - Ring Wars 24

$ 31.25

After his incredible debut against Billy the Kid (if you missed it, do yourself a favour and get Ring Wars 23 now!), Beast is back to take on fan-favourite Talon!

Talon is in the ring, working on his awesome abs with some crunches.  Beast is waiting patiently in the corner, but his patience soon runs out as he strides across the ring and plants his foot on Talon’s chest, pinning the stud to the floor!  Talon waits until Beast isn’t expecting it, then springs up and grabs Beast’s massive leg, keeping the muscle stud off balance until a sharp kick from Talon sends the Beast down!  Talon flexes in the corner as Beast recovers.  “That all you got?”  An enraged Beast charges at the posing stud, wrapping his enormous arms around Talon’s body, lifting him clean off the mat in a constricting Bear Hug!  Talon’s face is a picture of pain as Beast shakes and tightens the hug, grinding his fists into Talon’s lower back!  In desperation, Talon claws Beast’s face, forcing the muscle-bound mauler to release the hold!  Talon repays in kind, clamping on a bear hug of his own, before slamming the big man to the canvas!  Talon gets behind Beast and cups one hand under his chin, using the other to grab Beast’s hair and yank his head back!  Beast is howling and screaming has Talon pulls back hard!  Grabbing Beast’s arms, Talon pulls back, stretching out Beast’s chest as his shoulders and traps bulge from the strain.  Beast is wide open for a sleeper and Talon is only too happy to oblige!

Beast tries to get back up but Talon is ready with a nasty LEG DROP to the BASE OF THE SKULL and a harsh knee to the ribs!  Putting his foot on Beast’s abs, Talon drives all his weight down, like he’s drilling through a brick wall!  Where did this vicious streak come from?!  Beast grabs the bottom rope, but Talon doesn’t care, upping the ante with both feet!  Chokes on the bottom rope!  Talon advances but Beast slugs him in the midsection, giving him an opening.  Beast whips the muscle stud into the ropes, following through with his signature CLOTHESLINE!  Talon is lucky to still have a head!  A full nelson has Talon stretched out beautifully, his taut, sweaty muscles on display!  Shades of the Masterlock as Beast shakes Talon side to side!  More rope chokes, face locks, arm locks, nelsons – these guys are battering each other!  The sweat is literally pouring off both men as they battle!  Beast uses his mighty muscles to flex and power out of Talon’s full nelson – you have to see this guy to believe him!  A pose off shows every muscle bulging and straining as they try to outdo each other – better keep that pause button in sight!  Talon has Beast beat from the back, but the front is another story as Beast’s abs and traps steal the show!  A muscle lover’s dream!  A cheap ATOMIC DROP has one wrestler writhing on the mat, clutching his manhood!

Backbreakers, knee smashes, pec pounding, bear hugs - it’s not so much about winning as taking the other guy out!  A devastating TORTURE RACK!!!  This match has it all – sweaty, massive muscles, pro holds, submission holds, pins!  Beast is an amazing addition to the Thunder’s roster!  Can he claim a victory against the seasoned Talon?  Or will the fan-favourite tame the wild Beast?  Get this match today to see who survives!