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Bentley vs Dom9 - Ring Wars 108

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Dom9 insists that the 6'2" 220 lbs Bentley flex for the camera. Dom drops to his knees and reaches under Bentley's legs for a ball claw properly introducing Bentley to the ring! Dom then slams his own 220 lbs directly on top of Bentley. He sits right on Bentley's face and makes Bentley fight his way out. Dom tosses Bentley around the ring and smashes him against the ropes until Bentley has had enough! He hits Dom with a vicious low blow and wraps his long legs around Dom's throat! He adds some dirty moves and starts to play along with Dom's style of wrestling. Bentley fits right in quickly! "How do you like your face in my ass?" 

Both studs are thoroughly warmed up to each other now and the match heats up! Bentley hits Dom with some very hard gut punches and Dom yells for more! Bentley drops Dom and a hot session of muscle worship begins. Both guys feel every inch of the other's shredded physique until Dom is done slapping Bentley across the face! Dom starts to take his time and painfully stretch out the 6'2" Bentley. 

Bentley is not the rookie that is going to be manhandled and fights back just as intense and dirty as Dom! Dom has the experience over the rookie and he takes it to him. Bentley holds his own lifting Dom and throwing him around the ring. Dom thinks he finally has Bentley finished off, but Bentley is hardly done! Dom leaps from the turnbuckles slamming on top of Bentley! The impact shakes the ring and Dom is surprised Bentley is still going!