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Bentley vs Loki - Ring Wars 106

$ 31.25

Bentley confronts Loki about his shit talking! Loki gets control of Bentley right away with a full nelson! He kicks Bentley's knees out from under him and wraps his massive quads around his head! Bentley fights but is stuck under Loki's powerful legs. Loki tires out from squeezing Bentley's head and lets him stand back up. Bentley immediately flexes pissing Loki off. 

Loki is not impressed with Bentley's skills at all. Bentley doesn't want any pointers from Loki, but Loki is going to give them to him anyway! He wraps Bentley up in a brutal bearhug against the ropes! With Bentley's ass planted firmly on the middle rope, he has zero momentum. Loki wraps his hands around Bentley's throat and chokes him out! Loki lets go and Bentley falls forward right on his face! With Bentley passed out, Loki flexes for the camera before deciding it's time to continue destroying the rookie. He lifts him up and DROPS HIM HARD INTO AN OVER THE KNEE BACKBREAKER! This wakes Bentley up as he yells in pain! 

Loki laughs at Bentley as he is agonizing in pain and Bentley is not going to let that happen! He launches up into Loki's chest and lifts him in a vicious bearhug! Loki gets off the mat and lifts Bentley up in a fireman's carry. He bounces Bentley up and down smashing his ribs over and over! Bentley fights for air wheezing with each breath. Loki now turns to torturous submission moves to destroy the new rookie meat! He uses every part of the ring and ropes to hurt Bentley! Bentley resorts to HEAD-BUTTING Loki repeatedly to stop the punishment! 

Will that be enough to stop Loki from punishing him even more?