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Big Mac vs Crush & Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea - Mat Rats 19

Big Mac vs Crush & Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea - Mat Rats 19

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Big Mac vs Crush

Two bodybuilding buddies stopped by the arena one day just to talk shop. Big Mac and crush have known each other for years. Crush has won several bodybuilding contests as a super heavyweight, while Big Mac was a 3 time state champion wrestler. Crush always thinks his power lifting background will give him the edge in wrestling , while Big Mac loves to show up the power guys with his great technique. So they head off to the mat room to get in a good workout before dinner. Mac right away ducks behind Crush and traps the big man in a bearhug. Crush uses his powerful chest and breaks out then ends up putting mac in a killer camel clutch stretching him back trying to get that all mighty submission. When he can't get it he tries for a mean cross face. He doesn't get it but pops up and starts flexing for the camera. Big mac isn't going to take that and gets the big man down, rolls him over, and slaps him in a figure 4 head scissors that he was famous for getting guys pinned in high school because it hurts so bad they wanna stop the pain and the kid would just pin himself to end it. Crush had the same problem, submits, and comes out swinging the next round! That's right gut punching, more massive bearhugs, and even a Saturday night right make up some of the great moves you see in this next round between these two big men! I was blown away that Big Mac could even get Crush trapped in his famous guillotine because I thought he would be too big to trap the big man in but he did it! This has a lot of really great mat work as two massive guys tie each other into pretzels down on the mat. This is definitely something you don't see everyday in wrestling or even on WWE any more with all there high flying action but cool to watch classic "old school" style mat wrestling again. This match is 21 min long.

Zman & Shiek vs O'Shea
Zman meets a lot of other models in his world travels. Shiek is a professional model that became friends with Zman and talked about learning how to wrestle better. Well Zman was still really upset over his loss to O'Shea so he decided to take on O'Shea 2 against 1 with his new model friend. This battle is by far one of the most unusual, crazy, matches we have ever filmed. Shiek is a real character and not our normal type of wrestler we feature. In this match you will see some crazy moves like 3 man camel clutch or a 2 man Boston crab. There still your old favorite moves to watch like gut punching and bearhugs. Plus you'll have to see how O'Shea slowly turns Zman and Shiek against each other to where he and Zman join up to beat down on Shiek. Enjoy!