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Big Sean flex muscle worship pose chest pecs muscles arms

Big Sean vs Lupe - Battlespace 66

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

This match starts off with an explosive body slam and Big Sean flexing those biceps, we have no idea why they are fighting. Lupe gets Big Sean in an ankle leg lock and gets the big man to beg for mercy! Lupe then finds himself trapped in a massive 19 inch arm bone crushing side headlock. Lupe does as much as he can to counter with several lifts but then breaks free and puts big sean into a reverse bear hug. Big sean loves to show off that chest so he returns the beahug trying to make Lupe scream for mercy. Lupe breaks free and then does exactly that challenges Big Sean to Mercy only to trick him into another side headlock. Sean breaks out and reverses it only to put Lupe in a LONG side headlock, Lupe desperately tries every trick in the book to break out but he can not get massive chest Sean to stop his devastating side headlock. Finally due to being so sweating from holding the headlock so long, Lupe slips out and finds himself trapped between Big Seans massive thighs. This head scissors goes on for a very long time as Big Sean flexes and shows off to the camera. Once Lupe breaks out he surfboards Big Sean trying to rip those arms out of their sockets. When things break lose the men attack each other with gut punching on the wall, it is fast and furious punches almost out of control. Lupe locks on the ab stretch after a missed punch only to get flipped over and stomped on by Big Sean as he flexes over Lupe with a knee in his stomach. Lupe gut punches his way back and stomps all over Big Sean while flexing over him this time to return the insult. There is a lot of foot stomping to keep Big Sean down while Lupe goes to town flexing over him. Lupe then releases his big guns and starts punching and pounding Big Sean into the wall and setting him up for more as he is flexing, Big Sean sneaks up and dirty tricks Lupe and then gets him in a double leg grapevine making Lupe scream for mercy! This match is very back and forth, who will win? You gotta get this one and find out!