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Big sexy Adrian Full Nelson submission hold chest pecs abs

Big Sexy vs Adrian - Rough & Ready 25

$ 25.95

Adrian pulled some strings through his pal Dominic to get in on the action at Thunders Arena. So cocky is this upstart that he picked Big Sexy for his first match. We can only imagine the crooked smile on Mr. Mikes face when he okayed this travesty. For his part, Sexy looks like he has just been tossed a get-out-of-jail-free card and now seriously begun to contemplate what he can do to this pampered frat boy that could land him in the slammer. Adrian starts picking at him, criticizing his tattoos, his beard, everything, either thinking he really is all that or acting out a death wish. He even has the balls to try to wage a battle of words with Sexy, this coming from a guy who looks like he probably doesnt know a lot of words. For all his talk, Adrian looks like the proverbial deer caught in the proverbial headlights. Doomed is what the man actually is, sadly. Big Sexy licks his chops like the Big Bad Wolf, just thinking about the pounding hes going to serve up on this little punk. Adrian makes a brave initial show of putting Sexy into a choke, but he simply lacks the wherewithal to keep Sexy from getting back up on his feet and tossing him off like a dirty T-shirt. Bear hugs, backbreakers, stretches, arm bars, camel clutches, headscissors, figure-four leglocks, and piledrivers are just a few of the treats Sexy delivers up for Adrian and for all us appreciative squash fans at home. Big Sexy teaches this ambitious douchebag a lesson in wrestling and impossible dreams in what amounts to a showcase of the Arena veterans awesome physique and mat prowess. Enjoy!