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Big sexy aiden Armbar arm submission hold submit

Big Sexy vs Aiden - Battlespace 55

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

The egos are on display right from the start. Veteran grappler Big Sexy gets Aidens name wrong a few times and then says he doesnt care what it is. Bodybuilder Aiden calls Big Sexy, just a little guy and asks if his name is big skinny. When they lock up, it leads to some pretty hot mat action as wrestler and bodybuilder each try to steal the show. These guys put each other into lots of bear hugs, shoulder carries and leg scissors. They pick each other up and thrown each other to the mat over and over. The trash talk is pretty intense too, with Big Sexy telling the massive Aiden this is like beating up my little brother. Aiden taunts big Sexy, asking him How big are your quads? as he shows off his gigantic legs. At one point, Aiden puts his knee on Big Sexys back and grinds him into the mat. You can hear Big Sexy groan under all that muscle weight. Both guys take plenty of opportunities to show off their physiques. Each insists they are what the fans want to see. Big Sexy clearly has the advantage in wrestling ability, but bodybuilder Aidens huge muscle mass gives him incredible power and he uses it on the wrestler. More than once he puts Big Sexy between his gigantic legs and squeezes the life out of him. One leg scissors lasts for a full minute. The match comes to an impressive conclusion with a backbreaker that leads to a complete submission. This match is wrestler v. bodybuilder at its best.