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Big sexy angel Boston crab submission hold

Big Sexy vs Angel - Battlespace 71

$ 25.95

Two of the most popular and experienced competitors at Thunders arena go at it in this video, which is a must see for any fan of either one of these two mat superstars. Angel is lean and fit as always, but he has packed on some serious muscle, adding even more power to his outstanding skills as a wrestler and fighter. Big Sexy, who has over fifty pounds on Angel, has never looked bigger or sexier with a beard and wearing blue trunks that really showcase his amazing body. As always, Big Sexys power and skills leave you in awe. The video starts with Big Sexy shooting a toy gun at Angel and both of them having a few laughs. But then these two championship wrestling studs get down to some serious mat action. Each of them gets the best of the other at some point, so you will see each guy getting some pins and submissions. There are lots of scissors, chokes, carries, splashes, bear hugs, stretches, forearm smashes, gut punching, slams, backbreakers, school boy pins and even a dirty punch by Angel. Lots of posing, wise cracks, trash talk and some abs in the face humiliation too. These guys dont hold back, each inflicting some serious pain on their opponent. Whether you are a fan of the little guy dominating the big guy, or the big guy beating up the little guy, or even if you just enjoy watching Big Sexy or Angel show off their incredible skills, you will love this video. The ending is really over the top, with Big Sexy carrying Angel around like a baby, pinning him on any flat surface he can find, followed by a devastating tombstone. You have to see it to believe it.