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Big Sexy vs Angel & Secret Santa vs Mystery Wrestler - Christmas Chaos 2012

Big Sexy vs Angel & Secret Santa vs Mystery Wrestler - Christmas Chaos 2012

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Big Sexy vs Angel

Big Sexy is planning a party and is waiting for his guests to arrive. He starts off with getting into the holiday spirit with some good ol' Christmas music, which he incidentally turns up way too loud. Angel can't take the music for one second and comes barging in on Big Sexy's party yelling at him to turn it OFF! It turns into an all out war for the ipod and ends with weapons flying.

Secret Santa vs Mystery Wrestler
Once again Thunder's has a NEW Secret Santa and he is a never before seen wrester who is 5'10 and 250 lbs! Santa has just dropped off his presents to Thunder's wrestlers when he tries to exit up the chimney he runs into the mysterious guardian of the chimney. "You're not a very good guardian!" Santa exclaims and tries to get around him but there is no way that is happening! The guardian is ready for battle and even though Santa has 20 inch arms he's not afraid of a fight. Lots of great bearhugs in this match and you get to see Secret Santa reveled which some how makes his muscles look even bigger after he gets the suit off. This is the match you always love to see a new wrestler battling it out showing off his massive power against someone of equal skill. This is no squash job, both wrestlers have power and skills. Full nelson's and body scissors wear each other down but there can only be one champion this Christmas, find out if Secret Santa 2012 has got what it takes to come out on top!