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Big Sexy Angelo headlock chest pecs

Big Sexy vs Angelo - No Holds Barred 26

$ 25.95

Sealed with a KISS!
"What's up man!" Big Sexy squeezes Angelo's thick pecs, "Look at this guy!" Both wrestlers begin flexing, feeling each other's muscles. "You're really intimidating, handsome too! I'm normally the best looking one in the room," says Big Sexy. "We're twins!" Angelo says as he spanks the vet's glutes.
"I'm gonna let you get free one!" Angelo attempts a bearhug then carries Big Sexy on one shoulder. The vet escapes, delivers an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG, and bodyslams him! "You look heavy, but you're not that heavy!" Big Sexy pec claws Angelo's juicy pecs and pins his arms back. The rookie is struggling! 
"I'll show you how to bearhug, so you can do it right!" Big Sexy bearhugs Angelo, picks him up on his shoulder, and squats him. "Come on use these big muscles and get out!" He body scissors the rookie and discovers his weakness. Angelo is ticklish!
Big Sexy scissors, massages Angelo's back, then chokes him with his own arm. "You're not very flexible!" He puts the rookie in a sleeper taking him down. Angelo can barely stand. Big Sexy straddles and pins his arms behind his head, "like a little play toy!"
"Come on big boy!" Big Sexy arm bars and tickle tortures Angelo. "Lego my ego!" laughs Angelo. The rookie escapes and locks in a short lived headlock. A TORTURE RACK, dragon sleeper, and leg sleeper has Angelo screaming in pain. "Don't fight it! It only gets tighter from here!"
Both muscle hunks exchange NECK-BREAKING full nelsons! Angelo chops and pec claws Big Sexy's chiseled chest. The vet retaliates with a bearhug and over the knee BACK BREAKER! Angelo recovers and straddles Big Sexy on the mat. "Want me to kiss you?" asks the rookie. "Don't tease me. We'll give the fans what they want!" Angelo leans in, but Big Sexy head scissors him. "You don't kiss me, I would kiss you if it would really happen!" says Big Sexy. "Well do it then!" says Angelo. 
Big sexy mounts Angelo with his balls in the rookie's face. He leans in to kiss the rookie, but Angelo moves. "You turned away. I thought you thought I was cute!" Big Sexy slams Angelo down, "I've never been turned down before!" Angelo mocks, "There's always a first time!" A SIT DOWN PILE DRIVER leaves someone motionless! Will Big Sexy finally get that kiss he's been after, or will Angelo escape and run away? You gotta see it to believe it!!