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Big Sexy vs Antonio - No Holds Barred 01

Big Sexy vs Antonio - No Holds Barred 01

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

WARNING: this match is rated M for mature audiences

Many of you have written into Thunder's over the years asking for wrestling holds and moves that up until now have been off limits to use by our wrestlers.  Well recently we had a new wrestler , by the name Antonio,  come into our offices asking to try out.  Big Sexy was brought in to work out with him, but Sexy discovered Antonio stole a DVD.  Big Sexy went into a blind rage.  Since Antonio doesn't know the rules of our show Big Sexy threw out the rule book and dominates and destroys him from start to finish because he wanted to punish a thief!  Big Sexy crushes Antonio in a bearhug and bends him in ways we didn't even know people could bend!  He tosses the thief around like a rag doll, getting him on one painful hold after another as they grind into each other and Antonio begging for mercy and for the destruction to stop.  Watching Big Sexy use dirty tricks and cheat holds NOBODY has ever used in the 3 year history of Thunder's Arena will blow your mind, you won't be disappointed.  Big Sexy dominates Antonio by putting him in painful leg scissors where he stretches him out so bad he almost loses his trunks.  We did have a wardrobe malfunction that was covered up in this video with a smiley face.  He uses any move he can to punish Antonio, including gut punches, claws, and an over the knee back breakers you will not soon forget.  The dragon sleeper is awesome too but Antonio squirming and crying out in pain steals the show as he suffers for his theft.   I'm serious guys when I say this MATCH IS NOT TO BE MISSED!  If you get one wrestling match this year, it should be our first ever NO HOLDS BARRED Battle!  You do NOT want to miss seeing this one.