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Big Sexy Braden Charron bearhug lift carry back arms

Big Sexy vs Braden Charron - Bearhug Challenge 07B

$ 25.95

The most bearhugs in 10 minutes wins! Zman flexes for the cameras, "Zman in the house. I'm about to win. No competition!" The 250lbs muscle giant Specimen walks in with nothing to say; he gets straight to the action! 
They tie up. Specimen picks up Zman in an over the shoulder BACK BREAKER. First an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug then an UPSIDE DOWN belly to belly bearhug! Specimen carries Zman on his BOULDER shoulder SQUEEZING tight. "I give!" screams Zman.
"I wasn't even ready!" moans Zman. The muscle beast picks him up in MASSIVE front bearhug, "Come on man! My ribs, my ribs! I give!" Specimen THROWS Zman down then picks him up into a CRUSHING rear bearhug. "I'm gonna throw up!" 
"Didn't I beat the shit out of you already?" asks Specimen remembering their prior match. "I'm in pain dude!" The muscle behemoth lifts Zman on his shoulder in another BACK BREAKER flexing his BOULDER biceps and squeezes tight. "That hurts like hell! I give!" yells Zman. 
"You want more?" asks the muscle giant. Another bell to belly UPSIDE DOWN bearhug. "I need a break!" Zman is GASSED. "A break, for what?" Specimen delivers another RIB-CRUSHING front bearhug. The muscle beast is POURING with sweat and out of breath from DESTROYING Zman. "Finished?" asked Specimen. "I GIVE!" 
Specimen ORDERS his victim to get up. "Free shot, do something!" Surprisingly, Zman gets his arms around the 250lbs behemoth's muscle gut and BEARHUGS him, but he feels NOTHING. "You are a little bitch!" The muscle giant bearhugs from behind. "That hurts like hell!" moans Zman holding his bruised ribs. "You broke yet?" asks the muscle monster. 
"Come on, one more free one!" Zman gets his arms around Specimen but can't lock in a bearhug before he COLLAPSES to the mat. "Time out!" yells Zman. Specimen shows no mercy and BEARHUGS so tight his victim STRUGGLES to breathe. "What's that like 8 times now? You're not putting up much of a challenge!" 
Specimen BEARHUGS Zman with his arms pinned to his side. "My elbow is in my rib! I give!" The muscle giant picks him up in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to belly bearhug and HURLS him to the mat. Someone ends up PASSED OUT on the mat! Will Specimen SQUEEZE the life out of his victim in a final bearhug, or will Zman decide to play dirty and go for a DEVASTATING LOW BLOW! You gotta see it to find out!