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Big Sexy vs Brenden Cage - Battlespace 24

$ 31.25

Brenden Cage is carrying his spoils from his first match at Thunders Arena, Cameron Mathews wrestling trunks, still warm with the sweat off Cams behind. Insatiable in his appetite for dominance, he wants more and targets Big Sexy as Victim #2. Sexy is game, always ready to test himself against a new challenge. Confidently, some might say arrogantly, Cage accuses his already accomplished opponent of being all talk. No doubt about it, though, Brenden backs up his swagger with a strong assault against the Sexy one that puts Cage squarely in the role of top dog, all the more impressive since the man is fresh off his first match. Big Sexy doesnt know what hit him, but one thing he does know is how to hit back. What we get is a strenuous, dog-eat-dog battle between two of the most powerful and skilled wrestlers in the Arenas history. Look at my fans, Sexy commands, stretching back Brendens arm and walloping his ribcage till its pink with handprints. Through his groans, Cage promises to steal the golden boys fans away. And he may well do that, too! These guys know their holds and know how to maximize the hurt factor in an array of chokes, clutches, crabs, bearhugs, armbars, figure fours, backbreakers, scissors, and abdominal stretches. This is Big Sexy at his very best, and an awesome second act for newcomer Brenden Cage. It's not over till one of these guys is face down on the mat, broken and wrung dry. What are the odds on a rematch?