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Big sexy bro Boston crab submission hold submit torture

Big Sexy vs Bro - Battlespace 62

$ 25.95

Its Canadian muscle v American muscle once again. Handsome Canadian muscle hunk Bro takes on Big Sexy, one of the most dominant wrestlers in America. Big Sexy is totally unimpressed by the Canadian, telling him he doesnt look like a wrestler and dishing out a little trash talk about Canadians. But Bro is pretty sure of himself, telling Big Sexy hes 61 and 210 pounds of pure muscle and Im gonna kick your ass. When Big Sexy doesnt budge off the couch, Bro pulls him to the mat by the leg, asking Ready, little bitch? The big American wrestler needs no more reason to start this match and he quickly strips to his red, white and blue trunks. In the early going, Big Sexy dominates the Canadian with an over the shoulder carry and an arm bar. Big Sexy even mocks the hunky Canadian model, slapping his bicep and telling him Not much you can do with that little guy. Bro tells him Its Canadian muscle. Bro shows some power and real skill against the tough, experienced American wrestler and gets big Sexy into a body scissors. Bro also does some impressive carries, bear hugs and headlocks on Big Sexy. After one headlock, even Big Sexy admits that the Canadian is pretty strong. Bro brags I told you. Its Canadian muscle. Bro throws Big Sexy down three times, then gives a victory flex while putting his foot on big Sexy, saying Yeah, Im Canadian. But Big Sexy is one tough American beast on the wrestling mat and the Canadian takes some real punishment, giving up multiple submissions. Big Sexy puts the handsome Canadian into a Boston Crab, a camel clutch and a leg lock in rapid succession, each time making the Canadian pretty boy give over and over and over. But the Canadian is pretty tough and when he gets up after that beating, Big Sexy is clearly surprised. Will Canadian or American muscle dominate? You need to watch this one to the very end to find out.