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Big Sexy vs Cameron Mathews - Rough & Ready 21

$ 25.95

Big Sexy and Cameron Mathews make their glorious return to the Thunders Arena mat in this unforgettable showcase of the wrestlers recent breakthroughs in physical development and grappling technique. These two fan favorites have crossed paths before (but to say more would perhaps

spoil the holidays for some of you), but never have they wrestled as aggressively and entertainingly as this. Big Sexy is moping in the foyer of the Arena headquarters when Cameron shows up for their fight. Sexy complains that his feelings have been hurt because some fan said that Camerons butt is better than his. Cameron tries to console the man, but can barely conceal his smug delight. He suggests a Battle of the Butts to settle the matter, the loser having to admit that the winners ass is better. Big Sexy takes an early lead, at one point slamming Camerons lower back onto his knee, then slapping the mans midsection, musing, When did you get abs, Cam? You got two. Without weight and body mass to match Sexys, whos bigger than ever, or the strength to lift the man, Mathews resorts to low blows and dirty tricks to even the competition. Still, its hard to match Big Sexy for wrestling skills or inclination for hurting guys, and Cameron finds himself having to submit to him early on. Still, he wont say that Sexys butt is equal to his own, much less better, vowing that Sexy will have to knock me out before the Battle of the Butts is finally settled. A fateful choice of words, perhaps. Fans of either (or both) of these wrestlers will find much to like in Rough and Ready 21. Its sweaty, strenuous, and scrappy action from beginning to thrilling end, full of slams, chops, punches, headscissors (at one point while hanging by the arms off a door beam), bearhugs, chokes, armbars, kicks, and, most appropriately, given the nature of the contest, lots of welt-raising spanking. Decide for yourself whose honey buns are better while these two asskickers try to get to the bottom of the matter for themselves.