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Cody bearhug Big Sexy lift carry

Big Sexy vs Cody - Mat Wars 23

$ 34.75

Cody tries to introduce himself as Big Sexy harasses him. Cody slaps Big Sexy's water bottle out of his hand, so Big Sexy tackles him, then picks him upside down and the match gets going. The two of them wrestle around on the mat as they test each other's strength. Cody picks Big Sexy up and carries him around before dropping him on the mat. Big Sexy has no problem picking Cody up and tossing him around. He gives hem several over the knee back breakers before putting him in a choking camel clutch. He headlocks Cody before picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder. He follows this up with what appears to be a very painful boston crab. Cody finally gets a quick nut punch in and before Big Sexy can recover, picks him up in a bearhug. He drops Big Sexy on the mat and gets in a few good gut punches in before getting him in an ankle lock. Big Sexy turns the tables and and gets Cody in a painful ankle lock. Big Sexy picks Cody up in a reverse bearhug then traps his arms behind him while he slaps and pinches him. After Big Sexy lets Cody go, Cody grabs Big Sexy and picks him up onto his shoulder and runs around the mat with him. Big Sexy gets free and grabs Cody and starts torturing him on the mat. The two of them wind up in a standing arm wrestling match that ends with Cody in a surf board hold and Big Sexy giving him a painful pec claw. After wrestling around a while more, Big Sexy bearhugs Cody and throws him onto the mat. Cody gets him back with another nut punch that he follows up with several body jabs before Big Sexy can recover. The match ends in a strange way you don't want to miss.